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That person should be different from one who assumes leadership by subverting all democratic and constitutional processes, because of the desire to acquire unusual power.

In case of doubt we may request proof of company registration. All nameservers actually exist. A leader who, when all else fails, he succumbs to the wishes of the people by stepping down than use force to accumulate, exercise and hang on to power.

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We strongly object to cyber-squatting and will do what we can to prevent attempts at registering domains for that purpose. ZW namespace, so we register domain names of the form: All fields marked with an asterisk on the template must be completed accurately. Zimbabwe residents are advised to use a ZISPA registrar, which includes most local Internet Service Providers as well as major local website developers.

A minimum of two distinct nameservers are required.

It’s not about Chamisa or ED, stupid!

Specifying nameservers that are not already authoritative for the domain. Vanity nameserver hostnames listed at ZISPA will however be accepted as long as their IP addresses match those of the actual nameservers listed in the NS records on the vanity nameservers.

Note that registrations with invalid email addresses are liable to be cancelled without further notice. Shamefully, that stupidity is being perpetrated by none other those citizens who are supporters of some political parties.

ZISPA will charge registrars separately for registrations and registration renewals. The new registrar should then submit a co. Note that capitalised letters in a domain name are functionally the same as lower-case letters, the only difference being in the way they are displayed.

Domain name deletions To delete a single domain, the existing registrar should email a template to ZISPA with the action in Item 1b of the template being "D" for "Delete".

Templates that have been modified in some way other than by data entry to the right of the colon separator.

By Tapiwa Gomo If we put together all the manifestos produced in the last 20 years, Zimbabwe today would be a conglomeration of booming towns and cities with the word poverty having vacated our lexicon.

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Note that a separate email is required for each domain being processed. The nameserver hostnames match the nameserver IP addresses in the template. That critical assessment continues and becomes tougher and tougher as they represent their parties in national elections.

Welcome to Infrastructure Development Bank of Zimbabwe (IDBZ)

Of particular importance are the following: The hostnames of the servers to which mail for the domain should be delivered MX records. I am no longer a fan of those, as they have become nothing but pieces of lies, deceit and betrayal. All nameservers are authoritative at the time of submission, ie: The domain name is a fully qualified, third level co.

On a technical level, having a domain name means that you can list DNS Domain Name System records for the domain which can be readily located on the Internet. Corporate applications must be signed by a suitably authorised person from the applicant company, and the name and position of the person must be spelt out.

Nameserver glue records If the hostnames of the nameservers for a particular domain use that same domain they will be impossible to find without additional information. Applications for new domain registrations when the domain is already registered.

All required fields have been completed accurately. It is the responsibility of the registrar to ensure that the request genuinely comes from the new registrant and that the domain has been released by the original registrant.

Terms and conditions

Neither young age nor old age is a guarantee for success, but ideas and how they are implemented. It is not about betting for a best horse, but bread and butter issues, the requirement of which is a leader who responds to the needs of the people and one who accept criticism.

Missing physical address for Item 7 - Domicilium Citandi et Executandi. The IP addresses listed for the nameservers are correct. All nameservers actually exist. And questioning their ideas attracts the wrath of their supporters.

Vanity nameserver hostnames listed at ZISPA will however be accepted as long as their IP addresses match those of the actual nameservers listed in the NS records on the vanity nameservers.

Because of that gullibility, we are missing a chance to create servant leadership — leadership that mean what it says and accountable to the people. Download list.

Note that the service may not be available in all countries due to connectivity restrictions or blocks. Please test using a trial account before purchasing large volumes of credit. Advance Telecom Training (5G / 4G / 3G / 2G) TELCOMA offers 6 WEEKS SUMMER TRAINING / 6 MONTHS INDUSTRIAL TRAINING for engineering students.

Advanced Telecom Training is the signature course offered by TELCOMA. It covers 5G,4G-LTE, 3G. The Research and Advocacy Unit [RAU] is an independent, non-governmental organisation. Its Mission is to provide high-quality research for the purposes of relevant and current policy change.

Telecel Zimbabwe endeavours to keep the common good in mind in all its operations.


It has made a major contribution to Zimbabwean society by bringing down the cost of mobile phones and phone lines, making mobile communication accessible and affordable for almost everyone.

The telecommunication administrations in many countries assign specific telephone number prefixes to mobile phones within their telephone numbering plan, however some do North American Numbering Plan Administration (NANPA) in the United States and its territories, Canada, and much of the Caribbean, uses normal geographic area codes for the mobile services so that a mobile telephone.

Telecel Zimbabwe is currently the second largest mobile phone network in Zimbabwe, with more than 2 active subscribers.

Telecel zimbabwe
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