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The company should provide attractive offers and deals for the prospective customer so that the company can increase its revenue. Served warm, with vanilla ice cream. Purple Haze The Lemon Drop goes '60s with a splash of raspeberry liqeur.

Barilla Spa Case Study Analysis Essay

Vitali hoped his innovative idea would solve the tremendous fluctuation that occurred from week to week in the number of Barilla dry products being ordered by the distributors. Blackened Chicken Fettuccine Cajun blackened chicken served with fettuccine and creamy Alfredo sauce.

Mod Mojito A Lalla twist on the classic. White Sangria Our house specialty is made for the patio Served with a cherry vinaigrette. Secondly, gather information from point of sale. Thirdly, introducing a pilot project.

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V-Splash The new gold standard. Higher investment costs such as training — Since JITD is a new concept, and has not tried out before, there is a risk that serious errors may occur during the implementation process, and this would ruin all previous efforts The value chain consists of five major components, and it can be represented as SIPOC, where S is Supplier, I Input, P Production, O Output and C Customer.

Dark n' Stormy A favorite of Australian rugby players. Is there really no way out. We will offer any necessary compensation to a distribution center in order to ensure full co-operation in this initiative. Though it might be useful to purchase such information until the JITD method catches on it could create an expectation for such payments to continue in the long run.

A mini-tour of our culinary world, featuring flavors from all over the globe. In the event that the sales force and distributors continue to be opposed to the JITD program, we suggest that Barilla turn its attention to improving their manufacturing operation.

Files are delivered directly into your account within a few minutes of purchase. For distributors incentive program should not be tied with large volumes as it will help in decreasing the bullwhip effect.

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All rights reserved. Barilla SpA (A) Case Study Analysis 2 Diagnose the underlying causes of the difficulties that the JITD program was created to solve.

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What are the benefits and drawback of this program? Brando Vitali, Barilla’s director of logistics, proposed the idea of Just-In-Time Distribution (JITD) in the ’s as an alternative to Barilla’s traditional practice of [ ].

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Barilla Spa

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Only at". BA/E Global Supply Chain Management. Case 2 Report. The Barilla SpA (Harvard Case) Qian Wang.

Tsai-Lan Huang. Xiaoqing Ge. February 2.

Barilla spa 2
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